Tracey Knight

Tracey Knight

President & CEO | I AM Tracey Knight Consulting

With more than 30 years of experience, Tracey combines her background in human development and emotional intelligence (EQ) with her keen abilities as an organizational development tactician to transform culture and climate in corporate America, K-12 school systems, government, nonprofit and higher education institutions. Tracey’s clients use her signature Self-Mastery Programs and Immersive Experiences to help address the perpetual fear of never achieving their full potential in the key areas of their life - career, money, relationships and health. Her proprietary 3-stage method to self-mastery teaches individuals how to discover and reprogram the exhausting and self-defeating thoughts and habits that zap time, divert energy and impede success. Her book, It’s You Against You also serves as an inspiration to thousands of high producing, ambitious individuals who are reminded of their innate power to “Take Back, Transform and Win at Their Own Life”.

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Thursday June 15, 2023
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Beauty Shop Forum: What Momma Couldn’t Tell You About Being a Fully Expressed Woman

Emperors I

Overview: This provocative conversation will challenge its participants to explore the roots of their beliefs about self-love, body image, intimacy, and sex, which they likely adopted from their foremothers. Since mere survival was likely at the forefront of our ancestors' minds due to the violence of slavery, their pleasure was likely placed on the back burner, leading to generations of Black women becoming disembodied from their feelings. This practice has grave consequences on one’s mental, physical, emotional, social, and sexual well-being. Participants will walk away understanding how becoming a Fully Expressed Woman can offer emotional liberation and pave the way for orgasmic living, vitality, and a fulfilling relationship with self, others, and life.

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