Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Co-President | Michael & Connie, LLC

Michael T. Smith is a High School dropout (and later GED recipient) who has devoted his life to advancing the cause of Justice in his generation and beyond. He has received multiple awards and citations for his work in addressing systemic racism, generational poverty, and violence. Michael writes and speaks on subjects near and dear to his heart including relationships, race & racism, married sex, Christian doctrine, and the grandeur of childhood. Michael works side by side with his wife and bestie-of-besties, Connie. They currently live in Atlanta with their two children, Olivia and Michael, II.

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Thursday June 15, 2023
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Barbershop Forum: Setting the Record Straight: Does The Media Present Negative Stereotypes of Black Men?

Palace III

Overview: In this session, we will explore how negative media portrayals of Black men lead to the normalization of violence against them, especially through police brutality. Panelists from media, law enforcement, government, entertainment, and Corporate America will analyze examples of negative media portrayals, such as the "thug" or "gangster" image, examine how they contribute to systemic racism and oppression, and discuss the harmful effects of these stereotypes and ways to challenge and dismantle them.  Participants will walk away with practical steps they can take to help advocate for accurate and positive representations of Black men in media and society.

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