Kham Ward

Kham Ward

CEO | BLK Men in Tech, Incorporated

Kham Ward is the Founder and CEO of BLK Men in Tech, Incorporated. He is also a diversity executive in the tech space where he has designed and implemented comprehensive D&I strategies across the globe. Kham believes “Diversity can be achieved without commitment, inclusion cannot. It requires a step beyond tolerance, vulnerability, and trust to create an inclusive environment.” He has been recognized by Forbes as a For(bes) The Culture 50 Champions - Rising Star and as a STEM influencer. His passion and purpose for inclusivity is fueled by the strides he has made to personally and professionally elevate underrepresented voices. Kham’s personal mission is to prepare individuals to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world.

All Sessions by Kham Ward

Saturday June 17, 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Collegiate 100® Workshop: Influencers, Wealth Builders, and Culture Creators: Learn to Control Your Own Destiny

Emperor II Ballroom

Overview: No one is going to hand you success on a silver platter. Discovering one’s power to create one's destiny and wealth can be daunting but empowering. In this workshop, participants will uncover their power to take their lives into their own hands and accept responsibility for their actions and fate. This workshop will highlight the challenges and triumphs of influential panelists Aisha "Pinky” Cole, Wall Street Trapper, Ian Dunlap, and Justin Giles, who have overcome challenges in building mega brands that influence culture and build wealth.

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