Dr. Zackeus Johnson

Dr. Zackeus Johnson

Asst. Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs | Southern University and A&M College

Dr. Zackeus Johnson is a culturally relevant native of Liberty, MS. He has a loving family, supportive friends, and community partners who he refers to as his personal “Board of Supervisors.” He is an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc and 100 Black Men of America. Dr. Johnson is a graduate of Alcorn State University, where he served as StudentGovernment Association President-2014-2015, SouthernUniversity and A&MCollege- Baton Rouge, and Louisiana State University- Baton Rouge. He is forever thankful for each institution enrolled for it was the inspiration, grit, and affection from faculty members and advisors that assisted in his matriculation. With an incontestable talent Dr. Johnson is a keen proponent for collaborating with faculty, staff, and senior leadership on the implementation of student friendly processes that are innovative and strategic for the overall enhancement of the student experience at Historically BlackColleges and Universities (HBCUs). Dr. Johnson currently serves as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean for University College at Southern University and A&M College. Zackeus remains steadfast and committed to serving as a voice for marginalized and underprepared populations to ensure they are aware of their full potential and the resourcesthat are availableto aid in achieving personaland professional advancement. Zackeus encourage students and professionals to be the best version of themselves, always operate in love and to “live” not “exist.” He lives by the motto “IN ALL THINGSEXCELLENCE.”

All Sessions by Dr. Zackeus Johnson

Wednesday June 14, 2023
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Role of the Collegiate 100 Advisor to the Success of a Collegiate 100 Chapter

Florentine III – Promenade Level

Overview: There is no more important position in the success of a 100 Black Men of America's Collegiate 100 program than the volunteer chapter or campus advisor who serves as a role model and mentor. There are many benefits to having an advisor. Advisors maintain continuity within the Collegiate chapter from year to year, providing a sense of history, acting as an advocate for our Collegiate members, and they can also provide helpful resources and knowledge. The goal of this session is to share the Collegiate Advisors’ responsibilities, share best practices and discuss the DO's & DON'T of a Collegiate 100 advisor.