Amina Peterson

Amina Peterson

Director | Atlanta Institute of Tantra

Amina Peterson is a passionate healer, intimacy coach, sex doula, tantric sex educator, somatic bodyworker, sexual revolutionary and activist. She is the founder and director of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra, the host of the Fix Your Sex Podcast and a facilitator of Erotic Embodiment — a powerful healing tool she developed to help guide clients to their most powerful selves. She has melded the science of sexology with ancient tantra and somatic practices to help guide us home to our bodies. Her path began as a Surrogate Partner working with Dr. Dean Dauw in 1997. In 2004, she began practicing massage after completing a 500 hr program at the New Chicago School of Bodywork and Massage. That training opened her eyes to a variety of erotic healing modalities, including neo tantra and esalen. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois, a Reiki Master, and a yoga instructor (Core Power & Tantra). Her resume highlights accolades that include a combined 20+ years of work in both non-profit management and bodywork that includes work as a birth doula, sexuality professional, and fitness coach.

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Thursday June 15, 2023
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Beauty Shop Forum: What Momma Couldn’t Tell You About Being a Fully Expressed Woman

Emperors I

Overview: This provocative conversation will challenge its participants to explore the roots of their beliefs about self-love, body image, intimacy, and sex, which they likely adopted from their foremothers. Since mere survival was likely at the forefront of our ancestors' minds due to the violence of slavery, their pleasure was likely placed on the back burner, leading to generations of Black women becoming disembodied from their feelings. This practice has grave consequences on one’s mental, physical, emotional, social, and sexual well-being. Participants will walk away understanding how becoming a Fully Expressed Woman can offer emotional liberation and pave the way for orgasmic living, vitality, and a fulfilling relationship with self, others, and life.

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