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The 100 Black Men of America, Inc. Conference is the most comprehensive event for 100 members, mentees, and 100 affiliate organizations (Emerging 100 and Collegiate 100). This annual event also includes DE&I leaders from across the country, along with corporate and foundation influencers from the world’s leading organizations.  The conference brings hundreds of mentors and community leaders together to focus on education, empowerment, and creating opportunities for the next generation of leaders.  

  • 100 Members: Receive training and increase chapter engagement and community partnerships.
  • Community Leaders: Gain mentoring skills to increase impact in their local communities.
  • Advocates: Connect with national influencers and gain best practices for advocating for youth and underserved communities.
  • Youth: Students from middle school to college attend multiple events that offers engagement with 100 mentors and industry leaders, along with unique experiential learning opportunities.
  • Attendees: Accelerate their personal networking while attending daily empowerment workshops.
  • Sponsors: Can advance their diversity and inclusion goals and make authentic connections with diverse audiences across multiple age groups.
  • Media: Interview business and community leaders, 100 executive committee members, and capture unique moments of 100 mentees displaying why they are the next generation of leaders.

Telain Ware
Email: [email protected]

100 Black Men of America, Inc. media credentials are available to reporters, editors working as reporters, producers, video camera operators and still photographers who present valid press identification. We uphold a high standard to protect the youth in attendance and no exceptions will be permitted.

  • Media credentials do not include meal service at events where food is served.
  • Media representatives who violate guidelines for coverage of a 100 event, whether written or oral, may have their credentials withdrawn.
  • 100 Black Men of America, Inc. credentials are not available to staff of media advertising, marketing, public relations, or management departments or firms.

100 Media credentials are granted generally based on the following criteria.

  1. Those who have been credentialed for the previous 100 events in the previous two years will be considered for credentials.
  2. Those who can demonstrate having written about the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. causes, programs, events, or chapters in the previous year will be considered for credentials.
  3. Where the first two conditions cannot be met, a provisional one-time credential may be provided in published stories aligned with the 100’s Four For The FutureSM programmatic initiatives.å

Bloggers and citizen journalists who lack formal press credentials must authenticate their status by providing links to their blogs or media outlets. Applications for media credentials must be made by the same method specified under Media Credentials Policy.

Bloggers must represent well-established youth mentoring, youth advocacy, education, minority health, or economic equity-related outlets as determined by 100 Black Men of America, Inc.’s headquarters staff. All media credentials must be requested at least 7 days before an event.

Media Credential Submission Form